All my life I’ve had a relationship with creativity in one form or another. Throughout my years of school on Long Island, I studied advertising and various forms of art, often cutting other classes to go down to the art rooms. Looking for a creative way to make a living, I developed a successful career as a graphic designer.

When my first child was born I painted an image from a nursery rhyme on the wall behind his crib. Over the years I painted murals, canvases and illustrated childrens’s books for all the babies who came into the family. I eventually realized that there had to be other parents and grandparents who were looking for something unique for their kids, and so Cuellar Creative was born.

I’ve been very lucky in that my livelihood has always brought me great satisfaction. Although my kids are grown, I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and I’ve found a renewed pleasure in going back to my creative roots. When their parents can’t find the appropriate routine chart or invitation, I can design one (frequently on very short notice). I’ve built directional signs for a Peter Pan birthday party, banners with one photo from each of their first 12 months, and recently a custom holiday elf activity kit. It was inspired by “elf on the shelf,” which my young grandchildren found hard to understand, and their parents found hard to maintain. It contains activity cards geared toward helping toddlers learn about acts of service, kindness and tradition and the true meaning of the season.

I’m always looking forward to the next creative venture! Visit my Etsy page